Who We Are

Since 2000, Renocrete has been providing quality concreting services including concrete driveways, concrete resurfacing, concrete stanciling, concrete resealing as well as concreting repairs and restoration. Your Expert concreting specialist is only a call away to provide you with valuable tips and advices to an affordable yet elegant Concrete driveways.

Renocrete is an independently owned Australian business specialising in all types of residential and commercial concreting work.   From pouring of New Concrete to Concrete Resurfacing to High Pressure Clean and Reseals.   We will ensure all customers receive a quality product from an experienced, well trained concrete professional every time.

No project is too small for us and no house is the same as the other and we take that in mind while designing our concrete driveways. We take all our work to the professional standards that provides the quality outcome that we guarantee. Our customers satisfaction is our goal and we constantly work to provide the highest professional quality that meets our clients standards.


We provide a wide range of services, styles and materials that meets all budgets and tastes.We work on our client satisfaction anf our professional staff always takes this extra step to make sure that our clients are happy with the outcome of our Concreting services.

Renocrete resurfacing is a modern alternative to the standard dull and dirty old concrete which has a NEW FLEXIBLE formula to achieve excellent performance and durability with finishes at a very competitive price

Why Choose Us

Job Quality

  • We pride ourselves to have the highest quality materials that stands over time with the same duarbility and style.
  • We install our concrete driveways within weeks of purchase ensuring the fastest installation and quality of your driveway. Our tip quality workmanship will ensure the fastest concrete driveway installation to fit design into any space.
  • We supply wide range of driveways styles including  rustic, contemporary and icon styles to customise the look of your home.
  • We provide unique stunning patterns for your driveways to match your house design.
  • Wide selection of long lasting colours.

Value For Money

Materials and methods used are of an exceptionally high standard, through our bulk buying power we are able to ensure that a competitive price is passed onto the customer.   We are also quite flexible and can arrange a specific deal to help with your situation.

We use highest quality materials and the latest technology to produce high quality, unique and affordable concrete driveways that matchs your house design and made specially for your taste and style.

Customer Experience

Friendly and efficient, that’s our aim.   Call now to speak with a real person.    Renocrete is more than willing to answer any questions

you may have and point you in the right direction. We always listen to our clients to understand their requirements and provide a detailed plan of action including the most suitable for the client needs as well as budget.