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STEP 1   STEP 2   STEP 3   STEP 4
Driveway cracks grinding driveway pressure jet cleaning   driveway fix concrete   concrete driveway primer
Grinding of cracks xx High pressure jet cleaning     Fix concrete cracks and levels xx Apply high-quality primer
STEP 5   STEP 6   STEP 7   STEP 8
concrete driveway basecoat concrete driveway stencil apply   concrete driveway colouring   driveway stencil removal
Initial base coat x Apply the stencil   Apply 2 coats of final colouring x Removal of stencil
STEP 9   STEP 10   STEP 11    
concrete driveway clean off concrete driveway coat sealers   concrete driveway final result    
Clean-off the finished driveway x Apply 2 coats of high-grade sealer   Enjoy the Renocrete work x  
  x       x x


concrete driveways sdyney

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